The Producer Center "White Ball" is an independent producer of actual products for film and television. We are open to proposals for cooperation.

The License is an agreement whereby the licensee obtains the right to use the licensor's intellectual property in conjunction with his product or service. For example, places on the packaging of its product the image of characters and logo of the animated series

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Advantages of licensing

After purchasing a license, you get a number of advantages compared to conventional advertising messages, because the series gets indirect advertising of your product or service.
Frequency of contact with the brand
The indirect advertising has an impact every time the user makes contact with the series (or visits a web portal). In this case, the number of contacts with the brand is significantly more than during the implementation of advertising campaign of any duration
Continuity of contact
In contrast with ad spot, the consumer does not switch series and does not remove the sound, because is involved in the development of the plot
The lack of competitive pressure
When indirect advertising, the emergence side by side of competitive product in one ad unit is excluded
As a result, the indirect advertising will cost you less than the development, production and implementation of a global or television advertising campaign
Time of contact
The indirect advertising has an impact throughout all the film, which significantly exceeds the time of the contact with characters of ad spots. This gives a much deeper emotional connection to the characters
The rights to show the series are sold on TV channels, the series is available on a variety of media and is distributed via the Internet. This greatly increases the audience and the time of exposure to indirect advertising campaign
Positive associations
The indirect advertising creates a positive emotional background and does not cause such strong negative emotions as direct advertising that interrupts the picture we are seeing imposing their goods. The product is directly associated with your favorite TV series and its characters